Our History

The Lido Azzurro was first built on the Playa of Catania in the spring of 1935, and to date remains the oldest beach resort on the Catania coast, and among the oldest in Sicily. Except for a single summer, during the Second World War, the establishment offered to Catanians and visitors from around the world an exclusive gateway to the Playa beach for over 80 years.


The first "cabanas", replaced the small private bungalows that stood on the sands of the Playa in the early part of the last century. Generations have grown up between the long rows of large blue and red cabanas, which represented the image of the Lido Azzurro until the end of the last century. In 1954, the central building was raised, which now houses the reception and restaurant services – one of the historic structures of Viale Kennedy.


In 2001 the Lido Azzurro, like other establishments of Playa, was radically restructured under new environmental criteria and service. The traditional cabins remain, but are sized and mounted on removable wooden structures. Large spaces are dedicated to beach sports, the youngest, and the daily customers, with services and  facilities well distributed across the 70,000 square meters of Lido Azzurro.


Today the Lido Azzurro is part of summer memories of thousands of Sicilians and a tradition that still today is an integral part of many families of our city.

Location  Location

Lido Azzurro

11, Litoranea Kennedy
95121 Catania CT ITALY


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